Multiple Viewports


15-06-2010 20:54:12

Hi everyone, I've been browsing forums trying to find out whether MyGUI supports dual viewports, or if necessary will mirroring two MyGUI instances on two viewports work. I've found several threads with people asking if it was supported but no definitive response was given. The reason for wanting MyGUI on both windows is to setup a 3d visualization (dual projectors), if it only displays on one screen it will only show up for one eye.

I know there is a way to setup a 3d camera system with a single camera that flips between positions and displays every-other frame from one viewport to two renderwindows however I was hoping to set up a proper dual camera/viewport system. Everything works great for rendering the world just I can't get MyGUI to display on both windows.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


09-10-2010 17:30:39

I got the same problem. Wanna do a Splitscreenmode in my game.
So I create a second camera and add a new viewport to the Ogre::RenderWindow. Everything works fine, I see the meshes, Billboards... but no MyGUI.

I use MyGUI 3.0.1, can u pls tell me how to spread the gui over more than one viewport?