character string hyperlink required


17-06-2010 09:18:01

<Widget type="Edit" skin="WordWrapSimple" position="10 560 200 150" layer="Back" name="myWordWrapSimple">
<Property key="Edit_Static" value="true"/>
<Property key="Edit_WordWrap" value="true"/>
<Property key="Text_Caption" value="#00FF00Time is over.\n#0000FFThere is not a people."/>
<Property key="Text_FontHeight" value="18"/>

Above effect just as image colorStr.jpg.
So I want to know whether can it come true hyperlink like html or not.


17-06-2010 16:31:17

No, now you can't use Edit widget for clickable parts of text. If you want to make hyperlink place button without texture over Edit in right place.


18-06-2010 06:34:06

At first,thanks for your reply.
What you say may be an optional method.
Please turne your attention to the post "Demo_ItemBox problem " after a sort.
At least,please let me know whether should I continue to spent time on it.