new Tab required(solved)


02-07-2010 15:46:57

I want to come true a new Tab just as image "TabDropUp.JPG".It created by photoshop.
But I don't know how to do.
It seems that the skin script don't support to set TabButton's position.
I just see"<Property key="ButtonSkin" value = "TabButton" />".
It is not enough to come true the new Tab I expect.
So I want to know whether it can be come true or not.


03-07-2010 12:03:53

I solved it as follows:

<Child type="Widget" skin="Default" offset = "0 34 22 26" align = "HStretch Bottom" name = "Bar"/>
<Child type="Widget" skin="Default" offset = "0 0 43 34" align = "Stretch" name = "Sheet"/>