compilation problems with MyGUI 3.0.1


02-07-2010 23:44:00

hello, im trying to use Cmake (first time with this tool) to configure myGUI but i cant understand how to tell Cmake where to get Freetype, i have successfully compiled it and now i have freetype2312.lib and freetype2312_d.lib but i dont know what to do with them, Cmake simply tells me that im missing the required package freetype.

im using cmake-GUI on windows

thanks in advance :)


03-07-2010 00:46:58

You should set MYGUI_DEPENDENCIES_DIR to directory where you have freetype and other dependencies (OIS).
------[freetype headers]
------[OIS headers]
------[debug libs]
------[release libs]
it's same as Ogre deoendencies.


03-07-2010 09:16:24

thanks solved :) but i also had to add "freetype2312" in MyGUI_3.0.1_source\MyGUI3.0\CMake\Packages\FindFreetype.cmake in
set(FREETYPE_LIBRARY_NAMES freetype freetype219 freetype235 freetype238 freetype239 freetype2311 freetype2312) otherwise cmakes was unable to find my version of freetype

now i have to compile using the MYGUI.sln generated by cmake right?


03-07-2010 09:33:08

ok another problem, if i open the solution file MYGUI.sln generated by cmake and i go to project->properties i cant see any option for setting C++ or linker directories! i need it for solving some compilation errors with boost.