window moving/resizing


07-07-2010 22:51:08

Hi. I'm wandering if there is any way to block window from moving/resizing? I tried disabling window but then of course child widgets don't work.


07-07-2010 22:59:31

Well, actually the only point of having Window widget is to move or resize it :)
Here's few ways to handle that.
1) Use WindowC skin instead of WindowCS or WindowCSX. (S means size, for resizable skins).
2) Change WindowC skin. Remove
<Property key="Scale" value = "1 1 0 0"/>from Caption subwidget.

Another way to do that is to make skin that looks same as Window skin and use it for MyGUI::Widget


08-07-2010 09:13:22

Thank You for help Altren. One more question. Is it possible to keep font size independent from render window? I want my fonts look the same at every resolution. I know I can change font size each time I change resolution but is there any other way? For example:

Left is 800x600 right 1280x1024. I want them look the same, how can I handle that?