Edit box troubles


15-07-2010 22:28:59

Hi! Another noob question.

I have a layout where everything works fine except the edit box. The mouseover reacts fine on the box, but i can't type any text or see the blinking cursor if i click in it.
It also seems that it doesn't stay focused when i click on it. I inject all the input events (except frame entered) for sure. Do i need a delegate and handle this on my own or activate it somehow ?
Sorry but i can't find alot of docu on this isue. If I test the layout in the editor it works fine. Any Ideas ?

<Widget type="Edit" skin="Edit" position="152 88 248 32" name="PASSWORD_EDIT">
<Property key="Edit_Password" value="true"/>
<Property key="Edit_ReadOnly" value="false"/>
<Property key="Edit_MultiLine" value="false"/>
<Property key="Edit_MaxTextLength" value="20"/>
<Property key="Widget_Visible" value="true"/>
<Property key="Widget_Enabled" value="true"/>



15-07-2010 22:43:27

Does it have any reaction on mouse?
Here's possible reasons:
- you disabled parent widget or disabled it's reaction on mouse;
- you have invisible widget above your edit;
- something wrong with your inject*** calls.


15-07-2010 23:47:41

Hi! Thanks for the fast response.
I also have buttons on the layout which work fine. Also the Edit Box reacts on mouse overs (highlights) and the cursor changes.
But it doesn't react on clicks (the other buttons do) nor does a cursor appear in the edit box so that i can type something.
I catch the esc key which also works so the injection should work?
i don't have a clue.

I use the trunk code and mainly followed the tutorials and demos on the wiki page

Thanks and
regards weinma

I also noticed that i can find the widget but cannot set the caption nor text.
After following code the edit box stays empty ?
pwedit = MyGUI::Gui::getInstance().findWidget<MyGUI::Edit>("LOGIN_PASSWORD_EDIT");

After that the edit box hides, so this works
pwedit = MyGUI::Gui::getInstance().findWidget<MyGUI::Edit>("LOGIN_PASSWORD_EDIT");

Has anybody an Idea where to start debugging ?


11-11-2010 21:51:43

This is also happening to me now... Has anyone found a solution?


13-11-2010 17:51:55


Could someone maybe attempt to help?


15-11-2010 10:48:54



15-11-2010 23:58:32

I mean the edit widget is not working... No text shows up in the editbox no matter how I do it... using setCaption, using setProperty, and typing in the editbox, no text appears at all.


After hours of debugging and process of elimination, I've fixed the problem.


16-11-2010 12:21:46

So what was the problem?


16-11-2010 21:49:52

So what was the problem?

In my case it was a few problems, including some input injecting problems, but the main reason the text wasn't being drawn in the edit widget was because the MyGUI_Media directory was outdated.

So if this happens to anyone in the future let them know their MyGUI_Media folder needs to be updated to the latest svn trunk.