Animated image on "hover"


29-07-2010 00:14:51

Hello !

I am starting my UI and I was wondering how I should go about making an animated Image when I move my cursor over it ?
The only indeed I have is to split the animation in multiple images and to use an event whenever the cursor is over the image ?
Is there a simpler, faster way of doing it ?

Thanks !

29-07-2010 09:37:27



30-07-2010 01:18:41

I understood that, I am just trying to see how to actually animate a StaticImage...
I am trying to figure out if there is an automated way to play the animation, I see that there is a setItemFrameRate so I am trying to understand how that works...

30-07-2010 09:24:49

use manual animation.
change value in method setTextureCoord() every frame.