Build/configuration issue with VS 2010


12-08-2010 10:47:36

I tried to build MyGUI 3.1.0 (SVN trunk) with Ogre 1.7.1 and CMake 2.8. The projects were generated for Visual Studio 2010 Express.

After setting up everything in CMake, configuring and generating, I got linking errors related to MyGUI.OgrePlatform_d.lib. After investigation, it seems that the MyGUI.OgrePlatform project was building a lib file called MyGUI.lib, despite the CMake files looking OK to me. After manually changing the Visual Studio project to output the correct names from the build, everything worked fine.

I am not confident enough with CMake to suggest a workaround, and I haven't tested this with generators for other versions of VS. My guess is that there's an issue with a project name containing '.' characters and CMake, but I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention.


12-08-2010 13:01:52

Looks like this bug appears only with VS2010, because CMake generate proper projects for VS 2005 and 2008.