Grabbing / resizing windows with alt + some other questions


18-08-2010 13:44:07

I'm new to mygui, I've been working on my own gui system however I'm considering replacing it with mygui. I would like to have windows behave like they do in many window managers where to move a window you can simply hold alt, and then grab the window from anywhere and move it. Additionally you can hold alt and drag to resize with the right mouse button. Such grabbing can be done from anywhere in a window (even over a button) and does not trigger those controls. This is in addition to the normal ability to drag from the top bar, and resize from the edges. It's a vastly faster and friendlier way to manipulate windows so I would really like to have it in my application.

Unrelated to the question above, I was trying out the ItemBox demo and noticed that it seemed to lack the ability to use shift and alt to multiple select items, as well as the ability to break stacks of items. How would one go about making that work?

Thanks :)