No keyboard input for Berkelium Plugin


18-08-2010 14:53:21

Hi Folks,

I am using SVN version of MyGUI with the 1st August release of Berkelium, using Brocan's patch ( viewtopic.php?f=17&t=12335&start=15#p74029 ).

I am not getting any keyboard input events, but the mouse is working fine. All other MyGUI widgets are working correctly.

I traced through the code and BerkeliumWidget::onKeyButtonPressed is definitely not being called.

Any ideas what could be the trouble?
Thanks for your help
All the best,


18-08-2010 16:25:30

Seems that setting NeedKey makes it accept keyboard input. I'm not sure why I needed to for the Berkelium Widget, but not for any other widget, but hey, it works :)