Does the SkinEditor work?


19-08-2010 08:05:22

The SkinEditor looks pretty cool, however I've tried to open every xml file that comes with the core skin and it just gives Error #{MessageIncorrectFileFormat}

I am trying to figure out how the skins work, with essentially no documentation or simple examples its not as easy as it should be to gain a high level understanding of how it all fits together. Any advice or links to documentation I missed would be appreciated, I've read the wiki and everything I could find on the mygui site. Getting it compiled and writing a hello world app was pretty easy fortunately. Though I should mention that all the example code on the wiki uses depreciated functions, so I had to hunt down the correct functions to call in the forums and the api docs.

thanks :)

19-08-2010 09:39:18

skin editor is not ready