Build Problem with VS2010


30-08-2010 14:20:24


I encounter a minor issue compiling latest trunk with VS2010. Actually it seems to be a configuration issue using cmake.
For some reason (I didn´t find the reason glancing at the cmake files) the target name of project "MyGUI.OgrePlatform" is just "MyGUI" but should be "MyGUI.OgrePlatform" and "MyGUI.OgrePlatform_d".

Changing this manually fixed the issue that he couldn´t find the lib file.


Edit: It seems that its not possible to create Awesomium/Berkelium widgets in the LayoutEditor at the moment. But I see from the commits that the LE is currently in flux.


31-08-2010 03:18:48

As far as I remember this is CMake issue, it can't generate projects with dots in names for VS2010.
Right now it's better to generate projects for VS 2008 and let visual studio convert them.