how to show the mygui pointer in the win32 title bar


11-09-2010 03:31:14


i use the win32 framework in my app with mygui, i want to show the mygui pointer in the win32 window title bar,

how can i do this? tks.


11-09-2010 04:22:27

I don't understand what exactly you want. If you want MyGUI pointer (i.e. texture) in the win32 title bar you should create pointer for windows, because you can't move Ogre texture away from render. If you need default windows cursor above it see MyGUI demos and change MYGUI_SAMPLES_INPUT CMake option to 2 (win32 input). And look how InputManager works (Common/Input/Win32/InputManager.h and .cpp).

Also there is Demo_Pointers that might be useful for you.


14-09-2010 09:56:51

i mean show the default windows cursor in the title bar and respond some window event.

when i use the mygui win32 framework, there are a little problems.

1. two cursors, one is win32's and the other is mygui's. but if i use ShowCursor(0), the win32's cursor will disappear and no longer show in the title bar.that's not my purpose.

2.when i change the size of ogre window, the layout change ugly. too big or too small, and the subwighets will not stretch together.

3. if i use a statemanager and change to another mygui layout state, the mygui cursor will disappear and only the win32's cursor remain in the ogre window.


14-09-2010 13:09:02

Well, in MyGUI demos code all this stuff works without problems, so look at sources in Common/Input/Win32


15-09-2010 03:59:13

how to show a pic? i failed that, :(

in fact, i use all the same file as mygui_win32 from the new svn.
i create an empty ogre project, and copy all the mygui_win32 common files to this project and add them. (base, input, pointer, resourcewin32pointer, inputconverter .h and .cpp, and a neatly empty demokeeper file except create a defaultscene ).
all these file are from the svn and cmake with demo option 2 (mygui_win32) .

when i combile this, only see a default win32 pointer in the ogre window, and the mygui pointer can not see.

if i add mygui::pointermanager::getinstance().setvisible(true), there will be two cursor, one is win32, and the other is mygui.