Screen resolution independence


25-09-2010 05:05:22

Using MyGUI, I have not seen anything about making my interface screen resolution independent. Is it in there?

I am willing to work to make it happen. I just don't want to waste my time if it is in there already.

Just to make it clear, I want my GUI items to take up the same relative space (retaining aspect ratio) no matter what the screen resolution. Everything just looks better, not smaller.


11-10-2010 20:21:41

So I assume it has not been done.


11-10-2010 21:57:09

Use relative positions (% instead of pixels).


12-10-2010 04:33:01

Thanks! I started to feel like no one was there.

That helps with positioning, but what about things like font size? Or control size?

I am digging further. I may need to create a layer that translates layouts base on the current screen resolution. At least that is where I am headed tonight.


12-10-2010 16:18:19

You also can try next thing: create RTT layer and then stretch it. But stretching always result in quality loss.


12-10-2010 20:21:34

Stretching is the last resort. But I don't think I will need to go there. My idea looks promising. Let's see how far I can go.


17-10-2010 20:40:49

This is bigger than I can get done in my spare time and finish a game. It seems possible for anyone already familiar with everything. Maybe in six months I can get to it.

If someone is interested in doing it as a contractor (for pay), please contact me ardussi(at)auxpower(d0t)com. All code will go back to MyGui for inclusion at their discretion.

John C. Ardussi

Auxiliary Power