[Noob] Help in using MyGUI


07-10-2010 22:19:13

Hello all,

Im willing to use myGui into my 3d game project, I'm building with a friend of mine this game. Does anyone can suggest me a tutorial or manual for using my gui to create the game interface? I'm in charge of the graphic section of the game.

I need to create our own interface starting with an image file (.png) how can I make it?

Thank you for your help.



08-10-2010 12:41:13

Look into MyGUI demos code and see how things done there. Also try to use LayoutEditor. Also I don't understand your question about image file.


08-10-2010 16:39:26

Hello Altren,

thank you for your reply, I'll try to explain what I want to do with the image file.

I need to create the interface for the game we are going to develop in Ogre, I have painted this image in photoshop that will be used as interface (buttons chat box ecc...) in the game:

I now need to understand how it can be loaded into MyGUI and used to create the layout. (the little shields will be my buttons the spear will be static images that will appear on the left side and at the bottom of the screen the glassed windows will be chat boxes etc).

I'll ask to my friend (who is in charge of the programming ) to take a look at the code of the demos.

Thank you again for your help