LayoutEditor: blank edit view


19-10-2010 21:00:40

just compiled trunk version of LayoutEditor with OpenGLRenderer and static linkage.
When i run it, everything looks fine, but i cannot see any widget that i create. When i hit the Test button, they appears, but while in edit mode they are totally transparent. All i can see is a green rectangle on its perimeter.
Anything i do is wrong?


20-10-2010 01:26:08

Hmm, looks like we have bug related to OIS input. I'm trying to figure what's wrong.
You can use win32 input - it works fine and it doesn't capture mouse inside window. To use it set MYGUI_SAMPLES_INPUT to 2.

P.S. Is it Ok that you have Russian interface? If you know Russian better than English use Russian forum next time.


20-10-2010 10:41:22

It is Win32 input build. OIS require dinput.h to build, i dont have DirectX SDK installed;

pS Fix that link to russian forum


21-10-2010 13:45:33

Blank edit view fixed.


21-10-2010 14:02:11

Thanks. And glew.c reqiures GLEW_STATIC definition to compile and link proprly, otherwise it generates alot of inconsistant dll linkage warnings.


21-10-2010 14:05:05

Good to know, thanks.


21-10-2010 15:14:07

There are alose two things.
Release configuration references on debug version of freetype lib - freetype2311_D.lib.
And freetype2311_D.lib is compiled with dynamic CRT run time library. This makes hard to run LayoutEditor on systems without installed VS2005. Builded app requires debug version of VC2005 runtime dll.


21-10-2010 15:33:26

Probably you built only debug version of freetype. And CMake use libraries that it can find.


21-10-2010 16:01:41

Yes, you are right.