problem compiling project MyGUIEngine (RESOLVED)


24-10-2010 13:24:14

I have the following problem:
When I compile the project "MyGUIEngine" for the creation of libraries, it gives me an error about the following file that can not open: "ft2build.h"

Reading, I realized that missing dependencies in the project. Just do not know what they are, also I'm not using CMake, I just wanted to compile the project with Visual C++ 2008.

Can someone help me please?
Thanks in advance. :)


24-10-2010 17:57:31

Hello mates
I apologize if I did not write enough information in the topic, and I apologize for using a topic for this issue. Unfortunately, apart from a bad headache today, I still have problems to read english and is the first time I try to use these development tools.

I was able to resolve the problem with this procedure (not using CMake):
MyGUI v.3.0.1

1) Download FreeType project (v.2.4.3 link:
2) Compile FreeType sln (builds\win32\vc2008 ... in my case)
3) Compile MyGUIEngine linking the include directory of FreeType and adding the two files .lib (freetype243.lib, freetype243_D.lib). Do not forget to remove the links to the old library files included by default (freetype2311.lib, freetype2311_D.lib)

P.S. If you feel that the topic is useless, let me know and I will delete it immediately. Thanks again