ComboBox - no caption/selection not visible


05-11-2010 19:07:28


I had some trouble getting MyGUI 3.0.1 to work with the current ogre trunk version and changed to the MyGUI-trunk (currently at rev. 3746). The Version seems to run fine with the newest ogre-trunk, but the ComoBoxes behave strange now. When I select an item, the ComboChangePosition Event gets called correctly, but the caption of the menu doesn't change. I also tried to set the caption manually (gui_comboBox->setCaption(gui_comboBox->getSelectedText());), but there seems to be some bug, preventing the Combobox from showing any text. The list-items themselves are visible though, but not the current selection, when the list is 'closed'.
I hope you understand what I'm talking about ;)

So is there a way to get some Text onto those ComboBoxes? It worked fine with the 3.0.1 Version of MyGUI, but I cannot use that version, since it's not compatible with my current ogre-version.


06-11-2010 11:59:44

You should also update MyGUI_Media folder.


06-11-2010 13:35:37

hah, that's it, thanks!

I guess I should get rid of a few duplicate folders with different versions etc... too easy to forget some things that way.