can mygui widget attach to the OgreSceneNode?


07-11-2010 09:59:34

I had a app , it is use mygui and a npc role. the npc role need to upper layer of the mygui. i had success use overlay.add3d(Node) to slove.
but when i add the process the NPC talk. i got a problem , the dialog always down the NPC body . can anyone tell me how to do?


07-11-2010 21:21:32

You can't attach widget to specific node, but you can write simple controller, that will move widget according to node position on screen.
the dialog always down the NPC body .
Also I don't understand what you said.

08-11-2010 10:03:05

Projection your NPC on screen, and move widget to projection.


19-01-2011 11:31:00

to altren : my mean is the dialog zorder is down the npc body. (like mean dialog renderqueuegroupid is min then npc body, but i can't change the gorupid)


19-01-2011 11:32:56

thaks for