MyGUI on Mac with Trunk revisited


12-11-2010 11:32:23

I read through the pertinent posts here, but I am still having problems getting MyGUI to compile and link properly with CMake on Mac.

I can get this trunk to compile on Windows just fine. It asks for these 2 variables:
which I can set fine and ofcourse the Dependencies Dir for MyGUI

On the Mac, CMake shows these additional variables:

I am unsure which is set to what. I tried different paths, but it doesn't lead to a state where I can hit Generate.

Any ideas?


12-11-2010 12:17:26

Try to set OGRE_BUILD and OGRE_SOURCE and remove OGRE_LIBRARIES, OGRE_LIBRARY, OGRE_LIB_DIR if they appeared.


12-11-2010 14:10:35

Thanks for the quick reply. But removing these entries does not help either. Maybe an image here helps:

Also, if I manually set these to the bin/lib path, I get errors like these:

"Demo_RenderBox" requests linking to directory "/Users/psquare/Projects/Ogre3D/1.7.2/bin/lib". Targets may link only to libraries. CMake is dropping the item."

I can hit the configure button though after that, and I get an xcode project. MyGUI and the Ogre Platform also build, but every sample fails to link.

<Edit/> I forgot to mention that I have to manually add the path to ft2build.h as well in the header search paths after the project is built. Else, MyGUI engine cannot find that header.


12-11-2010 17:57:41

Try to set values manually. Here's mine


13-11-2010 06:31:10

Ok. I got it to build the project and then built mygui and ogre platform after manual tweaks to the xcode project as well (what I mention above)

Now, I am just stuck with the exact same linker errors as here:


I bumped that old post up (sorry).