OgrePlatform missing when linking


20-11-2010 01:05:18

Hello, I been trying to get MyGUI working on Windows XP (It works great on Linux).

SVN Version: 3796

When I configure MyGUI it says it found ogre and freetype, no warnings there.
-- The following external packages were located on your system.
-- This installation will have the extra features provided by these packages.
+ freetype
+ ogre

Still something must when wrong, because when I try to compile my project I get tons of these and similar:
obj\Release\src\view\MyGUISystem.o:MyGUISystem.cpp:(.text+0x2f6)||undefined reference to `MyGUI::OgreRenderManager::OgreRenderManager()'

There is no OgrePlatform library in the lib dir, only a libMyGUIEngine.dll.a.


20-11-2010 01:49:19

There should be lib that linked statically - libMyGUI.OgrePlatform.a
If it isn't there build any demo or tool - this library is dependency for them.


20-11-2010 19:12:15

Yes I agree, there should be such a file but it is not built.

I managed to work around it by downloading the 3.0.1 release instead of fetching sources from SVN. In that release the OgrePlatform library was built.

However I have a slightly different problem not really related on MyGUI, when I try to launch my exe file the program complains that some libMyGUIEngine.dll file is missing.
There fore I am trying to compile a static build with all the libraries inside the exe file. However how to do that in Windows and Code::Blocks is a mysterie to me. I tried to add --static as an option in Project -> Build Tools -> Linker Settings -> Extra Linker Settings, but that does not work.

Anyone have any experiences how do this (in Code::Blocks/MingW)?


20-11-2010 19:20:49

Don't forget to enable MYGUI_STATIC CMake option when building MyGUI.