MyGUI Text formatting?


22-11-2010 14:18:10

In the process of creating a message-box, I accidentally found out that putting text like "This text is #00ff00green" comes up like: This text is green

I can't find documentation on this, or any other rich formatting that's supported. Can anyone point me to a link please?


22-11-2010 15:08:20

MyGUI support only few special sequences in text:
* #rrggbb - changes text color until end of text or new color sequence.
* "\\n" - new line, so in text file you can type '\n' and it will be replaced with new line.
* "#{Keyword}" - this will be replaced with some string defined in language file or added to LanguageManager in runtime. If no replaced found than sequence kept unchanged.
* "##" - '#' character
As far as I remember that's all.


22-11-2010 17:54:23

Thanks. Any idea where this might be documented? Color is better than nothing but I hoped maybe for a bit more :)


22-11-2010 20:22:50

This wasn't documented yet. I guess I should explain this better and move to wiki.
Is something not clear from my previous post?


23-11-2010 09:35:18

As far as I remember that's all.
That part :)


23-11-2010 16:09:20

Checked - I listed them all.
Also created this page: ... formatting