Layout Editor : custom widget


11-01-2011 21:48:25

First of all thanks for your hard and great work,
In order to reduce time for size and alignment , i need to add a simple custom widget ( composed by 2 buttn left and right and a label on center in a panel ) with a fixed layout like in figure ,
is there a way to accomplished this? i need 50 of that s in my car setup form :cry:




12-01-2011 09:16:25

i don't understand you want to multiply widget in figure?


12-01-2011 13:55:58

Yes, sorry


12-01-2011 14:51:15

if off of code you can open .layout and copy paste brutally code :D id on project running you must create another widget and is a little bit more complicated :D


13-01-2011 21:07:31

Ok , thanks,anyway a widgets multiselection for change positions could be a nice feature.thanks for your great work.


14-01-2011 08:39:39

problem of multiselection is to do all stat in code :(

i'm trying to re-make all core and is not easy :D



14-01-2011 09:35:52

Multiselection is one of the most wanted feature now that is still not implemented because it is not easy with current architecture.


14-01-2011 09:40:12

and making more flag one under the other and memorize one array?


10-08-2011 14:58:45

Hi all I'm a need user of myGui and it s a great work. Layout editor is really usefull. However i regret to not have a tutorial for create custom widget and have the possibility to add them in the layout editor.
That would be nice to have this possibility.
Create a kind of widget is easy like colourDemo but it s not a widget...
If someone have already create a new type of widget please explain us how to do it.
If this work is done, we would be able to upload our personal widgets and that would be very good for the myGui's future and for the community.

Thanks again for the work already done..