Mac OS X OpenGL platform


02-02-2011 23:38:48

This is something of a continuation of viewtopic.php?f=17&t=13970. I'd like to compile MyGUI with OpenGL for Mac OS X.

Currently I am stuck at the following error:

[ 34%] Building CXX object Platforms/OpenGL/OpenGLPlatform/CMakeFiles/MyGUI.OpenGLPlatform.dir/src/MyGUI_OpenGLTexture.cpp.o
/Users/elliott/Programming/Lisp/mygui_build/mygui-svn-4112/Platforms/OpenGL/OpenGLPlatform/src/MyGUI_OpenGLTexture.cpp: In member function ‘void MyGUI::OpenGLTexture::createManual(int, int, MyGUI::TextureUsage, MyGUI::PixelFormat, void*)’:
/Users/elliott/Programming/Lisp/mygui_build/mygui-svn-4112/Platforms/OpenGL/OpenGLPlatform/src/MyGUI_OpenGLTexture.cpp:175: error: invalid conversion from ‘int*’ to ‘GLint*’

Note: I get this error independent of the value of CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES.

I am using Mac OS X 10.6 with Xcode 3.2.5 (GCC 4.2.1).