Clickable Container


08-02-2011 18:41:04

Hi Folks,

Please excuse me if my searching skills are blatantly inadequate.
I am very new to MyGUI.

I am trying to make a 'list of property owned' in a window. (actually, scrollview)

each item in the list may have an image, some text for its title, a bit more text for location, etc.
All of this information neatly presented in an invisible box, probably with the image dominating the left side.

What I would like to do is make a widget to contain these elements but would like the container to trigger clicking events whenever the user clicks within the box.
I need this to happen even when there is something on top of it that does not have its own click event defined. (ie. an image, text, etc)

I am struggling a little to understand what all the different widgets are and do so may be way off base here but have been using DDContainer so far.

Is there something that will do this for me or do I just need to set-up the same event on every object that gets added?

Many thanks to anyone who can offer suggestions.


08-02-2011 19:13:16

You should set NeedMouse property to false trough layout or in code (widget->setNeedMouseFocus(false);) for each widget that you want to be transparent for mouse input.


08-02-2011 19:14:29

Super. Just what I was looking for.

Thank-you Altren.