MyGUI force the mouse to be in my windows


19-02-2011 23:35:06

Hello World !

First i'm a young french so i dont speak english very well .

I created an application using mygui but there is a problem, the mouse wont go out of my window and i dont found any solution in the mygui API . It worked before when i only used OIS, i used those lines for mouving my mouse all over my screen :

pl.insert(std::make_pair("x11_mouse_grab", std::string("false")));
pl.insert(std::make_pair("x11_keyboard_grab", std::string("false")));

I use GNU/Linux but if the solution can be portable (on window), i dont refuse .

So how fix my problem ?


19-02-2011 23:54:12

MyGUI know nothing about controlling mouse - it only gets input from you. So letting mouse move away from your window is OIS related problem. If you still using OIS then use your previous solution.


21-02-2011 01:05:18

This should help: ... sive_input

The problem you are running into occurs at the OIS level, MyGUI is just processing the input you've provided it. The information in the link should help you solve it in a cross-platform manner.

I hope it helps. :)