FPS limit for Editors


20-02-2011 21:08:27

Is there a limit to the FPS for the editors? If not, then I have a request regarding all the editors (layout editor, skin editor). Currently, whenever I start using any one of the editors, my graphics card (ATI 5870 and 4870) fans go 100% and I suspect it is because there is no limit to the FPS currently. Can the FPS be locked (or at least give an option for that) to 60 something?

Thank you.


26-02-2011 19:22:16

You can enable VSync in Ogre's configuration window. To see it again remove ogre.cfg.


28-02-2011 16:48:38

I am using OpenGL solutions but I guess I can build the Ogre3D solutions.


28-02-2011 16:56:31

OGRE version is also recommended, because it doesn't antialias textures. It's harder to work with skin editor when textures are antialiased.