how to write MutliList script(solved)


28-02-2011 13:46:20

I use LayoutEditor.exe to add 3 items,as like image "MultiList1.JPG".
But I don't know to set the last column's name.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MyGUI type="Layout" version="3.2.0">
<Widget type="MultiListBox" skin="MultiListBox" position="45 50 345 215" name="myMultiList">
<Widget type="MultiListItem" skin="" position="0 0 35 186">
<Property key="Caption" value="num"/>
<Widget type="MultiListItem" skin="" position="35 0 41 186">
<Property key="Caption" value="server"/>
<Widget type="MultiListItem" skin="" position="76 0 41 186">
<Property key="Caption" value="State"/>

Anybody can solve it?


28-02-2011 15:27:25

I'll fix this in several days.


01-03-2011 08:39:31

There was bug in LE that wasn't letting you select single column. Now it is fixed.
You should do next thing: create 4th column, select it and set resizing policy to "Fill".


02-03-2011 10:03:15

<Widget type="MultiListItem" skin="" position="0 0 40 186">
<Property key="Caption" value="Number"/>
<Property key="ItemResizingPolicy" value="Fill"/>

above is correct script.