Custom skins within LayoutEditor


16-03-2011 16:30:39

Hi everyone,

I just made a custom skin for my game, and I'd like to edit the layouts in the LayoutEditor. I've added some new skins with the already existing ones.
Is there a way to load/add them in the LayoutEditor, or make it use my skin (other than replacing existing skins files) ?

Thanks by advance


16-03-2011 18:19:45

Depends on LE version. If you have latest version you should add folder and resource with your skin in settings, then your skins will be accesible, but black in combobox. If you also need them to be white and on top of list modify Media/Tools/LayoutEditor/Settings/Widgets.xml file.

In earlier versions you can edit same xml and add your files in external_resources.xml.


16-03-2011 19:43:30

Thanks -it works perfectly by adding my Skins XML to resources in settings (I have latest trunk, updated this morning).

One last question about LayoutEditor : I put an imagebox in the Top HCenter of my screen, but when I go into Test mode in File menu, the imagebox isn't centered in the middle of the screen. Is this a normal behaviour ?