Font style for MyGUI EditText


21-03-2011 09:32:02

After prev post for lua script. This time I will show you some work more interesting.
base on MyGUI3.02 rc
I add some feature for text , I think it will useful for game (etc. chat)
like #00ff00 is color, #s01 mean text's style #i200 mean a image animation.
I modified resourcetruetypefont for dynamic create texture for text, and modified edittext editbox... for text operator, and more...
so I zip all the folder
you can see it demos/bin/release/demo_lua.exe (because max upload file is 256k,I removed it,you should compile it by self)
I'am sorry if you are not windows os or no vs2010, and hope it is fun for you and also hope the MyGUI's author can take a look.


21-03-2011 09:40:15

The zip is here.
I know there will be some bugs. Don't harsh me. :)


21-03-2011 09:57:18

oh my god , maximum allowed size is 256 KiB.


21-03-2011 09:59:41

the part2 is here only for MyGUIEngine


21-03-2011 16:01:31

Well, it's way to hard to find all changes that you made. Usually I use svn diff, but in this case you replaced all non-ansi characters with chineese (or whatever it is) and also changed first character in ALL files, so I need to looks through every file to see if it was actually changed.

Could you upload only chaged/added files instead?
Also project files generated with CMake is not portable anyway, so don't pack them too.


22-03-2011 06:44:02

Oh, let me explain why I convert all file from asc to utf8, there are some Russia character comment that my editor will covert it to '?' if use asc file. for keep these character I convert it.
It's my fault I should convert it back before upload.
I make a patch hope can be helpful. (from 3.20 RC1, Oh)


27-06-2011 11:38:35

Hi Moc

Thank you for sharing you MyGUI with us. :)

Lyssa Gale
Language Fonts


04-07-2011 16:41:27

Thank you. It's just needed for our project.