Cthugha(1.7.1) found but OGRE not found....


21-03-2011 22:13:39

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to get through the CMAKE part of installing MyGUI.

I have set OGRE_BUILD and OGRE_SOURCE manually and yet I get:

Looking for OGRE...
Found Ogre Cthugha (1.7.1)
Could not locate OGRE

What is going on here?

OIS and Freetype are being found just fine.

Thanks for any help,


22-03-2011 00:34:57

I'm not sure if that's the reason, but there was many changes in Ogre's CMake scripts in 1.7.2. I'm using this version and everything works fine.


22-03-2011 00:47:18

Any alternative suggestions? I am hoping to use MyGUI as part of a massive codebase already in place. Upgrading OGRE is not an option for me.

Here is the precise error text:

CMake Error at src/MyGUI3.0/CMake/Utils/MacroLogFeature.cmake:91 (MESSAGE):


-- The following REQUIRED packages could NOT be located on your system.

-- Please install them before continuing this software installation.

-- If you are in Windows, try passing -DMYGUI_DEPENDENCIES_DIR=<path to

-- Also check that you buildind with RenderSystem that you need or set
another with -DMYGUI_RENDERSYSTEM=<1 2 or 3 for Direct3D_9 OGRE or OpenGL>


+ ogre: Support for the Ogre render system <>

Call Stack (most recent call first):
src/MyGUI3.0/CMake/Dependencies.cmake:102 (MACRO_DISPLAY_FEATURE_LOG)
src/MyGUI3.0/CMakeLists.txt:161 (include)


22-03-2011 07:53:51

You can manually set all required paths and variables. You need OGRE_INCLUDE_DIR, OGRE_CONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR, OGRE_LIBRARIES, OGRE_LIB_DIR and may be OGRE_LIBRARY_* set. Here's mine.