Initialisation of MyGUI


05-04-2011 21:43:57

I'm looking for a solution to solve my problem.
I had followed the MyGUI'tuto, I juste initialise Ogre Plateform and the log return me some errors :

My Code :

MyGUI::OgrePlatform* mPlatform = new MyGUI::OgrePlatform();
mPlatform->initialise(m_fenetre,m_sceneManager); //

And the log return :

22:09:50 | Platform | Info | * Initialise: OgreRenderManager | C:\ /* my path etc to my source...*/ \src\MyGUI_OgreRenderManager.cpp | 26
22:09:50 | Platform | Info | OgreRenderManager successfully initialized | C:\ /* my path etc to my source...*/ \src\MyGUI_OgreRenderManager.cpp | 54
22:09:50 | Platform | Info | * Initialise: OgreDataManager | C:\ /* my path etc to my source...*/ \src\MyGUI_OgreDataManager.cpp | 45
22:09:50 | Platform | Info | OgreDataManager successfully initialized | C:\ /* my path etc to my source...*/ \src\MyGUI_OgreDataManager.cpp | 49


06-04-2011 08:51:52

There are no errors in log that you posted. Olny information about initialisation status.


06-04-2011 14:47:42

Yes, but why the programm crash when I add : "mPlatform->initialise(m_fenetre,m_sceneManager);" to the code.
(and the log return what I wrote).
Why can it crash ?

Thanks in advance.

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm french.


07-04-2011 17:40:38

I saw that the log did not return all that it had written in the console. On the console I have the following error in more :

instance LayerManager was not created | C:\ /* my path etc to my source...*/ \src\MyGUI_LayerManager.cpp | 39


07-04-2011 19:56:29

Log says that everything in mPlatform->initialise was successfully completed.
Looks like you are trying to call some Gui functions before full initialisation. Do you call
mGUI = new MyGUI::Gui();
right after mPlatform->initialise ?


07-04-2011 20:23:53

Thanks, you're right. I added this line and mPlatform work fine, but the code still crash.

All the initialisations work fine until the FactoryManager successfully initialized.

The console don't show any error but the usual text at the end of the console :

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Anohter idea about the cause of it crash ?


07-04-2011 21:54:48

Are you sure that your code crashes in MyGUI, but not in your code? Try to debug your application to see where exactly it crashes.