MyGUI 3.2 rc1 Compile fails to find OgreDataStream.h


19-04-2011 02:10:46

The title says it all. While trying to compile MyGUI, I got this error:
In file included from D:\MyGUI_3.2.0_RC1\Platforms\Ogre\OgrePlatform\src\MyGUI_OgreDataManager.cpp:9:0:
D:\MyGUI_3.2.0_RC1\Platforms\Ogre\OgrePlatform\include/MyGUI_OgreDataStream.h:13:28: fatal error: OgreDataStream.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated

In Cmake, I have these variables set:
OGRE_INCLUDE_DIR = D:/OgreSDK_v1-7-2/include/OGRE
OGRE_SOURCE = D:/OgreSDK_v1-7-2/src

I've taken a look at the files themselves, and the facts are clear. OgreDataStream.h is in the OgreSDK/include/OGRE directory, which is referred to in the compilation. It is included by MyGUI_OgreDataStream.h. However, it still can't seem to find it upon compilation.

Final thoughts, I'm compiling these using MinGW on Windows 7 x64.