Skin Generation Helper Script


24-04-2011 21:45:37

Hey everyone who loves MyGUI but hates math and doesn't want to calculate the offset position's for <BasisSkin> and their <State> tags! I have created a little python script for you (well, for me, but I share it with you). Try it if you want, ignore it if you have a good calculator :D

Have fun with it, report any bugs via PM or here :D


24-04-2011 21:58:38


Did you ever tried to use SkinEditor instead? :)


24-04-2011 22:06:09

Where is that? In /opt/MYGUI I only have the demos and FontViewer, LayoutEditor, ImageSetViewer... Is it an external project?


25-04-2011 08:57:58

It was implemented not so long ago, try MyGUI 3.2.0 - it is included in sources as LayoutEditor.