MyGUI Layout Editor ButtonImage


07-05-2011 18:18:59

Hello everyone. I'm a newbie in MyGui

I've difficulties in creating ButtonImage in the Layout Editor. In my mind, the ButtonImage is supposed to be button that can use our own made images as its skin, however I failed to do this - the ButtonImage i created ended up un-textured, but its there. I've looked up this : ... =Libraries

but it seems it doesn't mention on how to do this in the editor. Is there a noob step-by-step method on how to use the ButtonImage?
Based on the link above, I've created the .resource file, but I don't know how to load it in the editor. So far, here's what I've got using the editor (I've replace my ButtonImage with Button, since I can't see them..),


and I wanted the buttons to look like these...


Please help me with this. I realized this is a very simple problem, yet i failed to solved. Sorry for being noob, but your use of time helping me is really appreciated...Thank you very much!


07-05-2011 18:56:15

For button with your image you need to create your own skin. Button with image used for buttons with small icons on it (for example sort button in multilist or item in popup menu)