Does MyGui NEED Ogre dependencies?


24-05-2011 05:57:10

I was just wondering if MyGUI needs to run with the Ogre dependencies to run properly?

Reason I'm asking, is because I want to run MyGUI without any ogre dependencies for my patcher/updater.
The main program will be using Ogre...
But the patcher will be using a simple Win32-API.

I can understand the source requires the ogre dependencies to run on the ogre libraries...
But can you build the source w/o them and still run MyGUI with a simple Win32-API?



24-05-2011 07:25:41

MyGUI require render system, right now we have Ogre, pure DirectX and pure OpenGL (you can write your own if you want to).
And the only MyGUI dependency from "Ogre dependencies" is freetype and it is used for fonts rendering, but it is not required - you can use fonts from texture and you can either create them manually or use FontViewer tool (comes with MyGUI) to create one from ttf file (FontViewer require MyGUI build with freetype enabled though).


24-05-2011 07:35:11

And btw, we use MyGUI in our Launcher/Updater with DirectX as renderer.