[SOLVED]Button-Mask support


25-05-2011 17:16:20

I'm trying to find a layer for MyGUI Widget's that ignores pixel with an alpha-channel value of 0, which means that I could use buttons which don't have rectangular form and don't get a reaction if the cursor is in it's bounding box but on one of it's transparent pixel.

Does such a layer-type already exist and could you please tell me it's name?

Thank you for reading, I'm looking forward for responses.


25-05-2011 18:42:25

Well, this is not alpha-channel support, this is custom widget's forms instead of default rectangles.
Look at Demo_Picking - to set custom for widget you need to call widget->setWidgetMask("MyMask.png");


25-05-2011 19:09:10

Ok, it was
, but all in all just like you said. =)

Once again you solved my MyGUI problems, thank you so much, Altren =)!