Having an editbox change data directly?


20-06-2011 18:02:41

Let's say i want the value in an editbox to be stored in a variable. Instead of doing it manually when an event is made and call getData or whatever, can i give the editbox a variable and have it store it's information in it directly whenever it's changed?

Also, what event should i call when the value of an editbox is changed? "eventEditTextChange" is called whenever a key is pressed. I only want to be notified when an entire entry has been made.

Thanks for your help :)


21-06-2011 11:46:55

You need to manually bind this data somehow and call mEditBox->setCaption(myString); any time it is changed.

What about events - you can use either eventEditSelectAccept (Enter pressed) or try eventKeyLostFocus/eventMouseLostFocus.