EditBox addText crash


07-07-2011 00:11:56

addText randomly causes crashes, does anyone know of a fix?


14-07-2011 01:22:39

Sorry if I was a bit vague before, it was 3 in the morning and I was half asleep.

Whats happening is almost every time, (sometimes it works, sometimes not) when I use addText on a multiline editbox, it causes a crash, and this is what seems to be the problem from the log:

01:12:27 | Platform | Critical | Failed to lock vertex buffer (error code -2147024809). | ..\..\..\..\Platforms\DirectX\DirectXPlatform\src\MyGUI_DirectXVertexBuffer.cpp | 52

Is this a bug in MyGUI or is it something I'm doing?

Thanks for any help!


EDIT: I've done some more debugging and it seems to be crashing when calling addText from within a thread, yet calls within the main thread do not seem to crash. Is there some method I need to use when calling addText from within a thread?


21-07-2011 20:11:49

So MyGUI is pretty much not thread safe.... Is there anything I could do to achieve thread safe calls to mygui? Could I get any help from anyone?

Edit: I've just resulted to using mutex.


22-07-2011 12:47:06

Do not use MyGUI from different threads without mutex. MyGUI is not thread safe.


22-07-2011 20:42:17

Yeah It seems to be working good with mutex's now, I have one more unrelated question too; is it possible to load an image from memory and put it into an ImageBox?


23-07-2011 21:41:39

MyGUI use Ogre's textures, so if you are able to do that with Ogre then you can do that and use loaded texture in MyGUI after that.