How to build with ogre 1.7.3 and vc 2010


04-08-2011 17:39:36

I build dependecies. I try to generate vc 2010 project by cmake gui, but ist fails. How to generate project?


05-08-2011 06:31:52

Tell what's wrong, show CMake errors or something, otherwise I can only guess.
Also download new CMake if you use CMake 2.6 or lower (there was bug with projects names in CMake with vc2010).
Also download MyGUI 3.2.0 RC1 if you use older version.


05-08-2011 06:42:56

All troubles was made by myself:) I try to run cmake like this "cmake -i". Then i entered all configuration and with nmake builded MyGUI. It works fine!