iPhone issues


10-08-2011 22:21:31

Unfortunately MyGUI doesn't run very well on iPhone, issues include:

  1. Input is offset on iPhone 4, I have to tap below buttons to get them to press[/*]
  2. Since I have to move the MyGUI cursor to the tap position, then the button will remain in an active state until you tap elsewhere[/*]
  3. If I create a MyGUI widget, sometimes the whole viewport gets squashed into the bottom left hand corner of the screen[/*]
  4. ImageBox doesn't work on iPhone, the image doesn't show when calling setImageTexture(). It shows fine on mac.[/*]
  5. On devices with a resolution of 960x480, Ogre uses a content scaling factor of 2x (check out the GLES render systems). It would be nice if MyGUI upscaled using Ogre's contentScalingFactor, because right now everything is tiny on 4th gen devices.[/*]

    I'm guessing you guys still don't have a mac/iPhone to test these problems?