State of MyGUI 3.0?


25-08-2011 11:58:41

I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what is and isn't in MyGUI 3 since the wiki appears to still be focusing on 2.x and the API docs are not very detailed. Some specific questions:
- Is the layout editor included? I saw mention of it in a 2.x thread but also in the 3.2 RC thread so does it exist for 3.0 and if so where?
- Does a tree control exist? The API docs didn't seem to show one but when I searched for "MyGUI tree" I found a tree unit test page

Does a more up to date wiki exist or is trawling this forum the best way to get a better picture?


26-08-2011 08:00:16

Work on 2.x stopped almost two years ago or so.
We released 3.0 awhile ago and released 3.2 RC1 few month ago, going to release 3.2 very soon.
What about Layout Editor - it comes with MyGUI sources since 2.x or 3.0.0 (don't remember exactly) and was significantly improved in 3.2. Also Skin Editor was added in 3.2.

What about tree control - we don't have it in core widgets, buth there is sample implementation, that comes with MyGUI sources.


26-08-2011 13:21:35

Thankyou for the information. Out of interest, how easy is it to create a custom widget (like a tree or something)? Is it comparable to writing a control in Win32/MFC or does MyGUI's architecture work very differently? In other words if I've worked on creating custom GUI controls before, should I find it easy in MyGUI?


26-08-2011 16:27:53

Everyone understands the term "custom widget" in different ways. What about creating TreeControl - you can look at the one that comes with MyGUI sources. What about other GUI related tasks - there are bunch of games using MyGUI (including some games I took part in) and there was no problems with creating various GUI behaviour. Also some examples are in MyGUI demos (like colour picker).


26-08-2011 16:38:35

Thnkyou very much.