Problems building MyGUI 3.0 against Ogre 1.7 SDK With VC2k8


25-08-2011 16:49:03

I've got the MyGUI CMake to build the project files, but building is not working. Specifically I am getting errors:threading\OgreThreadHeadersBoost.h(29) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread/tss.hpp': No such file or directoryHowever I have checked and the Ogre SDK includes boost. The point of CMake is I don't go hacking the generated .vcproj to add additional include dirs, so what has gone wrong here?

I don't even want to use boost in Ogre, particularly!


26-08-2011 09:28:17

did u compile ogre 1.7.3 urself? or the precompiled one?

However if u used the precompiled version take the folder "boost" from the "OgreSDK_vc10_v1-7-3\boost_1_44\"-folder and copy it into "OgreSDK_vc10_v1-7-3\include\OGRE". Then it will compile.
That's quite dirty, but it will work for compiling the myguilib. After u compiled the lib u can remove the boost folder again.



26-08-2011 13:23:07

I'm using the precompiled version. I also get problems with FreeType - maybe it's not expected someone would build MyGUI from source and use the pre-built Ogre SDK :). I'll try your suggestion and report back - thanks!


27-09-2011 01:41:21

I had the same problem (but with 3.2 RC1)

The easiest fix (if you have notepad++) is to open up all the .vcproj files (that depend on OGRE) and run a "Replace ALL in ALL Opened Documents" command. It'll take all of 2 minutes.


[your_ogre_home_path]include/OGRE $(OGRE_HOME)/boost_1_44

.... and ....


[your_ogre_home_path]/lib/$(Configuration) $(OGRE_HOME)/boost_1_44/lib

**Note: if you don't have the OGRE_HOME environment variable set just use [your_ogre_home_path] instead**

EDIT: also, you can use the "FIND IN DOCUMENTS" command to quickly open all the .vcproj files

EDIT AGAIN: heh, just realized the OP is a month old ... guess you got figured out by now ;)