selecting a tab and displaying the right button


01-09-2011 16:33:47

First, thanks a lot for MyGUI ! I must say I'm really happy to use it in my little project, and I'm really amazed by the stability of this library.

I would like to select automatically a tab when I launch my application.
I do this with :
and it works well.
My problem is that I would like to show the right selected button at the top, in order to show to the user what tab is selected.

In this example, I can't see the 4th button, because it's outside of the tab window. The user must use the arrows to display it, and so he's lost because the button he can see don't show the name of the selected Tab.

Is there a way to show this button, maybe setting the scroll position of the tab buttons in order to show the right button ?

Thanks in advance,


01-09-2011 17:15:02



01-09-2011 17:54:24

Thanks a lot for your quick answer Altren.

I tried this, and it does nothing at all.

On this picture, on the top :

You can see that the 4th tab is selected, but I can only see the first 3 buttons.

By the way, I have another question, or maybe a feature request.
You choose to only show buttons in its entirety on top of the tabs. I found that users don't necessarily understand that there are other buttons hidden on the right. What do you think of showing bits of the other buttons (as in my picture on the bottom) to help understand that they have to scroll to see the others?