UnitTests and LayoutEditor questions


10-09-2011 16:21:30

I have downloaded sources 3.2.0 from trunk, but after running CMake there is no UnitTests appears in the solution even through I checked this box in CMake.

How to compile UnitTests? Why they are called UnitTests, not examples or demos?

GUI is very beautiful, but is it possible to extend it to make only keyboard controlable. It is already possible only mouse control, but I have tried pressing Tab key and haven't noticed familiar Windows & Mac OS behavior, perhaps because it is games oriented obliviously :)

What F12 button do? mFocusInfo->setFocusVisible(!mFocusInfo->getFocusVisible());

Seems in current version horizontal and vertical stretchers doesn't work in Test mode in LayoutEditor?

How to use Project and Code Generator feature in LayoutEditor? I understand that it is convenient to split each major GUI element into separate handler .cpp and .h. Seems it is not possible to show these separate elements simultaneously, only separate using Project tab, but at least in Test mode all layouts should work simultaneously! Is it possible to put .layout as separate resource file from project file (what is project file's schema or convention)? I have looked at .layouts of LayoutEditor, but only MainPane.layout uses CodeGenaratorSettings, while I think in future you will make MainMenuControl.layout, MainWorkspaceControl.layout and other layouts will use CodeGenaratorSettings, of course code is already written and no need to generate stubs, but for users learning MyGUI it would be great.

Is it possible to make base::BaseManager more BasicApplication alike, or modify OgreAppWizard and wiki's BasicApplication more base::BaseManager alike? Unify them :)