suggest adding ime support for MyGUI


23-09-2011 11:39:49

Some problems about ime in samples:
1. EditBox don’t support ime(such as Chinese) input.
2. When there isn't any widget get focus or current widget which get focus isn't EditBox(don't accept text input),shouldn't display the ime window. Like many MMORPG games, when you fighting with mobs, you can’t open ime input window because there is no need to input characters and this interrupt game experience. When you open a chat input window, you can open ime window.

My suggestions to these problems:
1. In common input::inputManger,process WM_IME_CHAR. This is included in my patch. And this Patch is only for win32 keyboard input.
similar topic:
2. This can be in done in application module.The input widgets are created in application and application can link eventKeySetFocus,eventKeyLostFocus,eventMouseSetFocus,eventMouseLostFocus to application logic code.For example, when widget get focus call ImmAssociateContext with imc parameter and when lose focus call ImmAssociateContext with NULL parameter.

And some problems cause hieroglyph fonts:
1. Word wrap in hieroglyph such as Chinese should split by characters but not space. Maybe EditBox will expose a interface and MyGUI support config to set TextView's roll back parameter.
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2. Font texture pre rendering. In hieroglyph there are many characters and application run time font texture rendering is slow.
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I saw the FontViewer sample,and i thought this is no longer a problem.:)