Layout coordinates doesn't adjust to app's resolution


25-09-2011 18:14:23


I made a button in LayoutEditor on the middle of the screen (editor's resolution was 1280x1024), saved, then loaded it into my app, but then I change my app resolution to something different than 1280x1024, the button is not on the middle, I know that the coordinates must be % in editor, but that didn't helped me. When I initialise my GUI, the window size and mouse limits are correct, there should be something wrong with the layout itself, can anybody hint me? Thanks!


26-09-2011 05:15:31

The coordinate is base on pixel,not percent.
If you want to make the button center,you should use alignment-HCenter,VCenter.


28-09-2011 14:00:09

Sorry for a late reply, I tried to make the button with alignment HCenter, VCenter in the editor, but it seems it doesn't work, should the editor automatically put the button on the center when I change to that alignment or only when I add it into my app? Alignments doesn't make any difference in the editor and they didn't work at all in my app, same as the relative coordinates, the layout doesn't stretch to the resolution I'm using in the app, can anybody help me with this, because I can't think of something that could be wrong :( Thanks


03-10-2011 20:24:10

No one had this problem before? I'm still looking for a solution, if anyone could help me I would be really grateful, because I can't think anything that could be wrong :x . Thanks


10-02-2012 11:04:13

See my reply in this topic