Getting LayoutEditor to support custom widgets


02-10-2011 15:58:33

We are using a modified version of the test Tree control. I wondered how we can get the Layout Editor to know about this widget type?


02-10-2011 16:56:09

Edit Media/Tools/LayoutEditor/Settings/Widgets.xml - add your widget there. It won't be rendered as Tree control in LE, but it will be saved properly.


02-10-2011 17:19:02

Will that make it show up as available widget type too?

If I want it to render properly, is that even possible without major code changes?


03-10-2011 10:36:28

Can't properly get this working. Just trying to hack it into widgets.xml, I have to specify skins, etc... what would such an entry look like?

I have a TreeControlSkin.xml and I was hoping I could get this in to, but there are so many different XML files and directories I have no idea where, or if it's possible.