MyGUI + Hook + Directx9 + device lost = problem


09-10-2011 22:04:52

Like topic says, I grab some 3.2 version from svn few days ago, compiled and linked in static way with my project.
Then I hook'ed Directx9 EndScene and get MyGui to work, till that everything fine, my button shows up.
When I re-size game window game creates new DirectX9 device and uses it from that time, but MyGUI still has old one, and nothing shows up.

I tryied something like this:

- Destroy platform when that and create new one with new device pointer = "General protection fault in UD3DRenderDevice::Unlock <- UViewport::Unlock <- UWindowsViewport::Unlock ..."
- Destroy also gui and create new one = same as above
- Try switch device on fly (call deviceLost, replace directx device pointer in textures and call deviceRestore) = black screen

Any idea how to get this working ?


10-10-2011 14:55:11


Looks like next death project, and again I need to keep searching for something more active...


10-10-2011 16:35:50

Problem solved (in 50%)...
First need to shutdown mygui then platform.