No mouse-move events when mouse button pressed


25-10-2011 15:34:34

I create a Canvas and assign eventMouseButtonPressed, eventMouseButtonReleased and eventMouseMove handlers. Mouse-move works fine, except when a button is pushed - until I release mouse-button I stop getting mouse-move events.

Is this some simple flag I need to set on the newly created canvas?


25-10-2011 19:16:46

Ah, when mouse-button is down, I am receiving mouse-DRAG instead of mouse-MOVE events. Is this simply how MyGUI interprets mouse events, or is there an option to still get mouse-move events by changing widget state somehow?


25-10-2011 19:54:56

When you press mouse next movements are dragging, so that's how MyGUI interprets mouse events.


25-10-2011 20:18:32

OK, that's easy to work with now I understand. Thankyou.